About Salesforce.com(SFDC)

SFDC was officially launched in 1999 with vision of becoming worldwide leader on demand CRM.

Founded by Mark Benioff.

Following image describes what is Sales force?


Above image provides description about Salesforce. Addition to the “CRM” Salesforce provides ability to provide Custom applications and also AppExchange. AppExchange is a market place there we can find custom application and we can buy those applications and we can place our custom applications in App Exchange.

Salesforce is a cloud based technology. It is being used as a service and it is SaaS (Software as a Service), it can be customised according to your company business, can be integrated with ERP systems for different sales and marketing business functionality with very minimal cost. You can also automate your business process with the help of Visual Workflows. It has lot of other benefits in it.

Sales force features for users

    1. Email Integration: We can integrate Salesforce with email like outlook very easily.

    2. Chatter:

– Chatter is a kind of face book, twitter.

– Here we can post our comments. Like comments posted by others in organization.

– Here we can create groups and invite people to the group.

     3. Reports and Dashboards

– We can create reports very easy, within seconds we can create reports.

– Dashboard is a group of graphical representation of reports. We can add 20 reports for single dashboard.

– We can refresh or schedule a report/dashboard within seconds to send email to users.

      4. Social: We can integrate Salesforce with Facebook, Chatter, gmail and youtube.

     5. Mobile: We can access Salesforce via mobiles

Salesforce Configuration features:

1. Page Layouts

2. Custom Fields & Objects

3. Validation Rules

4. Workflows

5. Approval Process

6. Security

7. Multi-Currency

8. Multi-Lingual

Salesforce Development features

1. Visualforce Pages

2. Apex

3. Soql

Salesforce Tools

1. Dataloader

2. Migration Tool

3. Force.com IDE


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