Salesforce app exchange

Salesforce App Exchange is a cloud computing marketplace, developed and hosted by and it is launched in 2005 by

Salesforce app exchange is world’s largest, top most and first cloud computing application. Salesfroce app exchange is custom developed applications where u can build, customize and develop salesforce applications.

Using salesforce app exchange you can share applications to million of other users all over the world.

Benefits of using Salesfroce AppExchange

  • Companies/Users can use direct the app to download to your salesforce instance.
  • It is a gateway to a lot of prospects and has made it possible for many companies to build a rapport with potential customers
  • Customers can post reviews about their experience with apps and services, which are a great help when other customers are shopping for a particular app.
  • AppExchange provides a lot of scope to build and develop innovative applications.

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