Have you noticed the sunglasses-wearing seagulls in your Salesforce org? Seagulls to me usually represent a nuisance at the beach, but in this case they signify that Salesforce’s Summer ’17 Release is here. In case you haven’t found the time for the light reading of 578 pages of release notes, I want to highlight a few … Continue reading SALESFORCE SUMMER ’17 RELEASE HIGHLIGHTS


TOP DEDUPLICATION APPS ON SALESFORCE APPEXCHANGE has been the number one CRM platform for some time now and its accomplishments as a CRM solution can be described as none less than top of the line. But there are some common issues that all the CRM systems face and which is prevalent in Salesforce as well. Managing Data duplicity is one such … Continue reading TOP DEDUPLICATION APPS ON SALESFORCE APPEXCHANGE


Customer data is the soul of an organisation. Quality data is priceless and acts as a driver of high productivity and good decision making. Managing Quantity and Quality parallel  has always been a challenge. Same is the case with data now-a days, as the data volumes grew rapidly, the data quality went down, posing a … Continue reading KEEP YOUR SALESFORCE ORG CLEAN OF DUPLICATES

How Salesforce Can Help Overcoming Data Duplication While Migration

What clicks to your mind whenever you hear data migration? Duplicate Data! Isn’t it? And then searching, sorting, and creating a fresh quality at a single location spending useful resources and time. If we aren’t wrong, all this must be sounding familiar. This is not only your story, but many of the entrepreneurs are struggling with … Continue reading How Salesforce Can Help Overcoming Data Duplication While Migration