Setting Up Git For Your Project Part 4

Working with Repository

Step 1: Create repo in github.

  1. Click on “+” top right corner and get nice menu options
  2. Click on New repository
  3. Enter repo name and click create repository button.


Step 2: Navigate to your new repo.

Step 3: Click on Clone or download button and copy the URL of repo.


Step 4: Open git bash

Step 5: navigate where you want to put your all code in your folder structure by using “cd” command.

Step 6: Use command  git clone to get the repo in your local machine.

git clone <you copied repo URL>


Step 7: now navigate to repo and work locally add/ update files as you want.


Step 8: use command to check the status, it will show all new/updated/deleted filed or we can say it shows all changes in the repo

git status


Step 9:add all the modified/new files for commit

git add .

it will add all changes .

if you want to add specific file then append command with file name.

git add test.txt


Step 10:Now our all changes are added ,now we need to commit and then push these to the remote repo.

git commit -m “comment for this commit”

git push origin <branch name>





Now you can verify your changes on your git hub repo .

As we are working directly on master branch the file is available on master branch. Ideally we create new branch for a functionality do our all work in that branch and push it to git hub, then reviewer review it and merge it. we will look for this in next post.



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