Have you noticed the sunglasses-wearing seagulls in your Salesforce org? Seagulls to me usually represent a nuisance at the beach, but in this case they signify that Salesforce’s Summer ’17 Release is here. In case you haven’t found the time for the light reading of 578 pages of release notes, I want to highlight a few … Continue reading SALESFORCE SUMMER ’17 RELEASE HIGHLIGHTS


Salesforce Spring16 release quick summary

Salesforce published Spring’16 release(Preview) notes. The Spring’16 release of is now in available under pre-release program. On 08th JanuarySandboxes will be upgraded, so that your organization gets the look and feel ofSpring’16 release. In this release you can find lot’s of new features as well as enhancements like Lightning Experience now support Person Accounts (Beta),Show Details in … Continue reading Salesforce Spring16 release quick summary