Salesforce Spring16 release quick summary

Salesforce published Spring’16 release(Preview) notes. The Spring’16 release of is now in available under pre-release program. On 08th JanuarySandboxes will be upgraded, so that your organization gets the look and feel ofSpring’16 release. In this release you can find lot’s of new features as well as enhancements like Lightning Experience now support Person Accounts (Beta),Show Details in … Continue reading Salesforce Spring16 release quick summary


Model View Controller (MVC)

Model view controller (MVC) is a software architecture pattern which separates the representation of information from the user’s interaction with it. In addition to dividing the application into three kinds of components, the MVC design defines the interactions between them. A controller can send commands to its associated view to change the view’s presentation of … Continue reading Model View Controller (MVC)

Salesforce app exchange

Salesforce App Exchange is a cloud computing marketplace, developed and hosted by and it is launched in 2005 by Salesforce app exchange is world’s largest, top most and first cloud computing application. Salesfroce app exchange is custom developed applications where u can build, customize and develop salesforce applications. Using salesforce app exchange you … Continue reading Salesforce app exchange

Introduction about Cloud Computing

“What’s the cloud?”  “Where is the cloud?”  “Are we in the cloud now?!” These are all questions you’ve probably heard or even asked yourself. Now new trend in IT is Cloud computing. In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. What … Continue reading Introduction about Cloud Computing


SFDC was officially launched in 1999 with vision of becoming worldwide leader on demand CRM. Founded by Mark Benioff. Following image describes what is Sales force? Above image provides description about Salesforce. Addition to the “CRM” Salesforce provides ability to provide Custom applications and also AppExchange. AppExchange is a market place there we can find custom … Continue reading About


– It is a Number one on demand CRM. – platform – Reduce development cost. We can deliver applications in very short time. – App Exchange – It is very good market place to sell our custom applications and to buy applications from App Exchange. – It is available on cloud – No need … Continue reading Why SFDC?

What is CRM?

CRM -> Customer Relationship Management CRM is a model used to manage organization’s interactions. –         Phone calls –          Emails –          Meeting –          Social Media With customers and prospects pertaining to –          Sales –          Marketing –          Support Goals of CRM –          Increasing Sales revenue –          Increase  visibility between  departments –          Decrease operating costs … Continue reading What is CRM?