Apex Specialist

Superbadge – Apex Specialist


I have completed the Apex Specialist Superbadge recently and have got 5000 points. Since I see some folks are having issues passing the challenge – thought of putting the configuration and code developed for the same. The details, requirement & Use Case is provided at the Trailhead website Superbadge Apex Specialist.


Step 1 :  Install this unmanaged package. [ https://login.salesforce.com/packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=04t36000000i5UM ]

follow the instruction given on trailhed site to install this package.

Step 2 : Rename Case with Maintenance Request

Step 3 : Rename Product with Equipment

for rename follow this  ==> Setup –> Customize –> Tab Names and Labels –> Rename Tabs and Labels

As you install the package the required custom object and the dummy classes will automaticlly created for you.

Step 4: Now from here your super badge is starting . before processed further please go threw the requirements of this super badge on trailhed site.


schema builder.png

Create classes and triggers as follow :


Create Trigger “‘MaintenanceRequest”  

Create trigger helper class “MaintenanceRequestHelper”

trigger MaintenanceRequest on Case (before update, after update) {
//         call  MaintenanceRequestHelper.updateWorkOrders  ......


public class MaintenanceRequestHelper {
            public static void updateWorkOrders(Map<Id, Case> applicableCases){ ......


Create Test class “MaintenanceRequestTest

public class MaintenanceRequestTest { ......


you can find the complete code over the git repo –  [https://github.com/amitjpr/Thailhead-Solutions/tree/master/Superbadges/Apex]



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